I thoroughly enjoyed joining you and the lads as many weeks as I could. They are a great bunch of people, always good for a chat or to learn a new skill from.

You’ve got an excellent concept going there, reusing materials that would otherwise go to landfill and creating meaningful products that benefit the community. It’s a very inspiring thing you are doing. Maybe I can get something similar going up north.  

Anyway best of luck going forward please extend my thanks and farewells to the lads… hope Alan has his sight back again, Graeme is powering through his treatment, Toms battery collection unit is done, Stewart and Gerald have finished the mobile roadside stalls and they are being well used. And thanks to Scotty for teaching me how to wax skis… good times.

Cheers Wayne

I retired and moved to Wānaka, and didn’t feel like I fitted in. I suffered from severe depression and anxiety. I was so excited when I saw there were moves to open a Community Workshop and Men’s Shed.

I didn’t want to get up in the morning. And since the Workshop has been in operation there is definitely a purpose to life. Meeting different age groups from different backgrounds, and being able to discuss anything and everything has been so beneficial to my mental well-being.


When my partner and I arrived down here, we literally crashed with our Tiny Haus, all our belongings, outdoor gear and a ton of cut but not yet assembled furniture on a paddock outside of Wanaka. It was chaotic and with hardly any indoor space it was hard to get things done.

Pretty soon I found out about the community workshop, which enabled me to finish all our furniture, as I now had space and tools. I also found lots of creative minds to bounce off ideas and get inspired by to up cycle building materials and other old or used timber. Soon all the necessary jobs were done and I could work on more creative finishing touches.

We now life in a unique and comfy home and the WCW played a big part in achieving that