Raffle Wheel of Fortune

After we made one of these for Volunteer South the rest of their sister organizations wanted them.

The idea was to make an easily sign written wheel with a satisfying ‘clacker’. We settled on a Aluminium Composite Panel (ACM) disk from the local sign writer with recycled aluminium tent poles as the pins secured with bolts. The stand is from wood with a slip bearing surface piece of wood on the back to adjust the attitude of the axle.

The first Clacker we retained with shock cord, the second set we made have a wooden retainer that stops the Clacker swinging round completely which upsets things.

Instructions for Setup and Adjustment

Setup is easy, the wheel assembly needs to be screwed to the base plate. There are instructions on the base showing the direction it attaches. You will need a Square Drive Screw Driver.

Problem – The back of the wheel intersects with the stand when spun

The nut on the axle is probably not tight enough. If that does not fix it you may need to unscrew the ply slip plate on the back of the stand and move it down slightly before re-screwing. That applies some downward pressure on the axle and lifts the wheels attitude.

Problem – The wheel does not spin fast enough

Back off the nut on the axle a little so there is enough freedom, but not so much the wheel does not spin straight.

If you have a problem not identified here please email us and will get back to you with a reply and add it here for others.