1. What is the WCW?

WCW is a Not for Profit Trust. We manage a workshop and sewing room that you can access to either join in with volunteer work, or personal projects.

2. Where is the WCW?

15 Gordon Road, Wanaka. Off Ballantyne Road to the right if you are driving out of Wanaka.

3. What does it cost?

There is a joining fee of $50, this covers your induction and training on machinery. There is also an annual charge. This must be paid before you can access tools at the WCW. You can however attend events without being a member.

4. How old do I need to be?

Youth participation is encouraged, but this needs to be directly supervised by your caregiver. If you are over 18 you are good to go.

5. What tools can I use?

There are many sewing machines, tools and machinery to use. Some are very dangerous and you will need to be trained before you gain access to these.

6. When can I use the space?

A general membership allows access between 8am and 8pm. However we do have large groups of volunteers who use the space and they have priority. Specifically the MenShed and Fabricate groups 9am – 12pm Tuesday and Thursday, and other groups and days as the WCW Trustees dictate. Please check the calender on the website.

7. What is the MenShed?

It’s not just for Men but a cross section of people from the Upper Clutha area that come together to volunteer and enjoy each other’s companionship. The group has projects and products that they are making, and everyone does what they can. Primarily we made things for other local trust, an examples is skink and geko hotels for Te Kakano Aoteroa Trusts education program.

8. What is Fabricate?

Fabricate is the sewing group similar to the Shed workers next door. This is new and very exciting part of the WCW that will focus on fabric and garment repair, repurpose and reuse.

9. Who does volunteering benefit?

The community of the Upper Clutha District and greater Queenstown Lakes District. Sometimes we make things because they are needed, even if the recipient can’t pay for it. Other times we charge for what we make. Being a Not for Profit Trust means that 100% of this money goes back into the trust, allowing us to continue providing the space, tools and events for the members and community.

10. I don’t have time to volunteer, can I still use the workshop?

Yes, except when it is in use by volunteers see point 6. There are rules around use. 

  1. You must have passed the training units
  2. There must be a supervisor on site
  3. You must follow the rules