Heavy duty traps for Fiordland

This week the MenShed team completed production of a run of large “double end” traps. Each trap contains not one but two DOC200 mechanisms.

The traps are built tough – stainless steel and with features to ensure hat Kea and Weka cannot find their way inside.

The traps need to be tough – they are headed for the wilds of Fiordland where they will play their part in the ongoing fight to reduce and eliminate pests such as stoats.

As an aside the traps are heavy. Fortunately they wont rely on human legs but helicopters to get them to where they are needed.

The team at the Wanaka Community Workshop have been producing traps for three years. It’s been an interesting journey as designs change to reflect actual experience in our southern bushlands. Its also clear our smartest bird, the Kea, have learnt a few things about destroying traps along the way that have also led to changes in design and materials.