Last quarter 2023 activities

The last quarter of 2023 has been a busy and successful period at the Wanaka Community Workshop.

Volunteer/Wo(Men)Shed Sessions – Wood working

Our Volunteer sessions continue to be vibrant and the core of the Community Workshop. Average attendance by the MenShed team who as advertised in local media gather each Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Workshop has been 17 with highs of 27 on a couple of days. This represents 2.5 full time equivalent staff working on a range of community projects.

In addition individual team members support attendance at the workshop by other community groups including MINT and Te Kahu youth as well as staff the workshop during hours it is available for use by individual members and support the operation of the Wanaka Backyard Trapping trap library.

There have been no serious accidents or near misses during the period. A volunteer was injured as a result of a fall caused by a trip hazard on the footpath outside a neighbouring property which required first aid and treatment by a doctor.

Wellbeing is an important outcome for our volunteer members of the MenShed team. Each workday includes a social get together over a cuppa and cake. In addition members participated in a visit to the Hayes Engineering Works and a special Christmas event. The latter events were supported by a wellbeing grant sought and received from the Southern District Health Board.

Textile working – Fabricate

During the quarter Fabricate members participated in the Repair Revolution and the Wastebuster Christmas Market. The workspace hosted commercial operations and a Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrapping Course. Attendance in the Tuesday and Thursday morning sessions is growing and Estelle is powering on for 2024 to get more Events happening.

Thom getting down on the sewing machine

Projects Completed – Things Made And Fixed

During the period the Workshop received significant support by the wider Upper Clutha community via donations of construction equipment and tools. Almost all of the community projects undertaken at the Workshop by the MenShed Team have been built using recycled material.

These projects include:

  • Two “donation stands” for local community environmental agencies to be placed at Queenstown Airport.
  • Six promotional “spinning wheels” for Volunteer Southland and similar agencies throughout New Zealand.
  • Two customised design outdoor tables for “The Hub”.
  • Signage for “The Hub”.
  • Large ski work bench for Mountain Outdoors.
  • Many towels recycled into clothes for Wastebusters bu Fabricate
  • A “stand” for re-usable cups for Te Kakano Trust
  • Five sign stands for Te Kakano Trust.
  • Four “standard design” lilliput libraries and stands which have been painted by a local artist and erected by the Friends of Wanaka Library.
  • One bespoke design lilliput library for the local Wanaka bookshop “Bookshelf”.
  • Two picnic tables for Bike Wanaka.
  • Large wooden workbench for sale.
  • Two mud kitchens for Kids First the Hawea Flat pre school.
  • Three mobile storage box’s for Hawea Primary School.
  • 100 “tunnels” for rodent traps.
  • Mint drift wood Christmas Trees.
  • Attended the Wastebusters Christmas Fair.
  • 24 “tunnels for DOC 200 and DOC 150 pest traps.
  • Six peonnie harvest box’s for the Wanaka Flower Farm.
  • Doggie Stick Library placed on the Wanaka lakeside track.
  • Various wooden Christmas Decorations for Kids First the Hawea Flat pre school and sale.
  • Various wooden crates and box’s for sale.
  • A “viking long table” and three associated bench seats.
  • Two corn hole game boards for sale.
  • Various repairs on behalf of both local Hospice and Opportunity Shops as well as items bought in by members of the community.

Events At The Workshop

Volunteer members of the Wanaka Community Workshop supported a range of activities including:

  • Repair Revolution events hosted at the Workshop by Wastebusters.
  • Christmas Market hosted at Wastebusters.
  • Monthly programs hosted at the Workshop by MINT. For these programs MenShed members designed and fabricated projects such as bird feeders for assembly.
  • Wao Environmental Summit including seminars on “better building”.
MINT Session

Improvements and Upgrades

Within the Workshop a range of improvements and upgrades have been completed or underway.

  • A focus upon health and safety with designated workshop supervisors and equipment training.
  • Preparing new space for MINT to base their operations.
  • New saw blades for both the table saw and drop saw with existing blades sharpened and held as replacements.
  • New engineering / welding table.
  • Enhanced wood storage.

Private Projects

During the quarter individual members of the Wanaka Community Workshop completed a range of private projects. For this work members used workshop tools and working spaces they generally utilized their own materials. Overseas visitors kitting out or enhancing their campervans are a noticeable element of this group.

Going Into The Next Quarter

Over Christmas New Year work is underway on:

  • Doors to be placed upon a container storage unit for use by the Wanaka Grebe Restoration Project.
  • A Doggie Stick Library.
  • Two corn hole game boards.
  • Shelving within the MINT workspace.
  • Getting the new dust extraction system and hopefully installing it.
  • Concreting under the welding bench.
  • A wooden Gazebo for Juan’s food caravan.
  • A calendar/news display on the exterior of the building (underway).