Food Stand for Wānaka Primary School

Debbie at Wānaka Primary School contacted us regarding building a Food Stand for their Environment Group. Barrie and the team recycled a bunch of pallets into the main body and we made our first attempt at a standard way of reusing bike wheels, something I’ve wanted to do for ages.

Living in a big mountain biking town we have a lot of 26 inch bike wheels coming through Wastebusters, the local recycling center, the challenge is to mount them without welding up tricky frames.

The idea here was to create a plywood arch and attach a scrap piece of metal plate inside each side to act as the dropout. It works pretty good! There is a bit of flexibility in the system we could remove by bracing between the inside of the two wheel arches.

Allan figuring out how to mount the wheel arches

We really look forward to seeing this Food Stand in action, with the sweet Shimano Bearings it’ll go really fast 🙂 Many thanks to Mattias for doing the handles and prop, everybody in the volunteer group who worked on it and Karolina, Merle for painting.