MenShed Team in June

Winter arrived this month accompanied by cool temperatures under the inversion cloud layer and the occasional frost.

Attendance at our regular Tuesday and Thursday mornings totaled 102 representing 306 work hours or 7.5 full time equivalents.

We had no workplace accidents – following reminder briefings regarding the importance of wearing safety equipment utilisation has improved.

During June we completed:

  • 15 weta motels for Te Kakano Community Nursery
  • 2 lilliput library’s to the Wanaka Pre School and Kirimoko Community Association
  • A food bank for Wanaka Community Networks which will be located on the premises of Kahu Youth
  • Riddling Racks for Quartz Reef Winery
  • A “spinning” Raffle Wheel for Volunteer South
  • Repairs to the Makita dropsaw and plunge saw

We used some 90Kg of materials which would otherwise have been dumped.

Sebastian and Gwilym discuss how we might get the alignment on the table saw figured out
Sebastian and Gwilym discuss how we might get the alignment on the table saw figured out

We are currently working on:

  • 4 lilliput libraries for the Friends of Wānaka Library
  • 1 lilliput library for the Wānaka Next Chapter bookshop
  • 10 bird feeders for the MINT July holiday program
  • 24 wooden crates for the Wanaka Recreation Centre July holiday program
  • A mud kitchen for the Hawea Pre School
  • A wooden picnic table
  • Riddling Rack repairs for Quartz Reef Winery.


Team members supported hosting at the Wānaka Community Workshop the Adventure Film School held in association with the Mountain Film and Book Festival. This support included acting and being the subject of interviews.

This month the team held a mid year Christmas event – thanks to Gillian for hosting.


An application was lodged with Southern Health for a small grant to aid in undertaking events to promote the wellbeing of members. We should know the outcome in July.


We have maintained two articles per week published within the Wānaka Community Workshop website and facebook pages.