Fabricate May 2023 Report

MAY 2023

Hours this Month: (estimate)

  • 130 x Community hours (Tuesday and Thursdays)
  • Unknown additional other hours (personal projects)

NB: We realise that we need to improve the recording of hours that the area is used. We will try improve recording of hours to include the total number of hours that the area is used.

Donations Received

  1. Vacuum Cleaner: Thanks to Miele and Selectrix we were donated a new Miele Stick vacuum cleaner. This has been fabulous at getting up all the sewing threads etc and maneuvering around the tables and machines.
  2. Fabrics and thread: every week members of the community drop off piles from their sewing rooms. These all have to be sorted into the appropriate places. … Just like Xmas every week!

Remember whatever you need for your project – check us out first. Most is available to members for a donation.

Sewing Classes

Run By Sue and Claire: Learn to Sew a shirt. Five nights, seven students.


Wanaka Wastebusters – Repair revolution

Fabricate Community Sessions

Although at the moment turnout has been small we have achieved a lot this month.

Store Room Makeover

We have reorganised the fabric store room. The old shelves removed, replacement shelves installed, fabric sorted, boxed, labeled.

Fabric Measure and Sort

Started a new system where the donated fabric is sorted into type and longer pieces labeled with the length. Knits and specialty fabrics are separated off so the display shelves display the longer non-stretch pieces catagorised by length. Other fabrics are in type or project labeled boxes.

We now have separate boxes for upholstery pieces, leather, polarfleece, knits, lace, chiffons, silks. Denim patches, Merino patches, neoprene patching and lots more

If you are looking for notions there are boxes of zips, laces and cords, lace, elastic and velcro, beads, not forgetting knitting needles, patterns, thanks to our wonderful donors our thread collection that was quite small last year has expanded to a fabulous display of every colour!

Remember members can use these wonderful supplies -there is a small charge or donation please.

Stuffing Projects

We have been preparing projects to use the our homemade ‘stuffing’ produced by the new fabri-gator.

We made prototype patterns for Yoga Bolster, bench cushions, footstools.

We are now sorting the larger fabric pieces and labeling with the length. So its even easier to find a piece suitable for your project.

UPDATE !! The Machine Has Arrived!!

The Fabri-gator has arrived today 6th June 2023!!!

At long last the machine has arrived and we had to have a play!

This machine with convert all our fabric scraps into usable ‘filling’ for other projects.

Lots of things to work out now including. Whether for some projects we need to sort fabrics… does the material type affect the weight much?

Watch this space for more on this exciting project.