Weta Workshop

Weta are giant flightless crickets unique to New Zealand.

They are generally active at night with most of the small species being carnivores and scavengers while the larger species are herbivores.

Because they can cope with variations in temperature, wētā are found in all sorts of places – alpine areas, forests, grasslands, caves, shrub lands and urban gardens.

Weta are common across the Upper Clutha – some of our local species are restricted to Central Otago.

Unfortunately weta are preyed on by introduced mammals such as rats and mice. Some species including those here in Central Otago are now endangered.

Over recent weeks the team at the MenShed have been working to help our weta. They have been building nesting box’s – a safe haven for weta to call home.

The box’s will be placed within areas where Te Kakano Nursery, our local community environmental agency, are planting trees and bushes to strengthen or re-establish natural areas.

Just the sort of place that appeals to weta.