New thinking about coffins

Death Cafe Wanaka is an opportunity to meet as a community for the purpose of talking about life’s toughest topic.

The Cafe meets regularly to embrace and honor the intricacies, ambiguities and mysteries surrounding how we seek meaning within the context of death and dying.

The MenShed Team are working with members of the Death Cafe to respond to practical issues associated with death.

The response we are working on is a coffin – a coffin that families can, with support, construct at the Wanaka Community Workshop.

The coffin will be simple and inexpensive – a pine box, recycled timber, untreated wood. It will also be clever. The design will permit the coffin to be easily stored “flat packed” or used as a shelfing unit or wine rack.

Our team are currently working with the Death Cafe on how the process may work. It is an exciting project and while the topic is difficult, like tax, it is unavoidable.