March 2023 Report

Members of the MenShed met at the Workshop during the mornings of every Tuesday and Thursday through the month. Attendance by members at these sessions totaled 85 – about the same as last month but down when compared to the March 2022..

Outside of these hours members of the MenShed:

  • Supported Kahu Youth and MINT programs.  
  • Repaired and maintained equipment. 
  • Tidied wood storage and cleaned the workshop.
  • Disposed of rubbish generally via removal for disposal through the domestic Council service.
  • Introduced / briefed prospective members of the Workshop who “drop in”.

During our morning tea each week the team greatly appreciated cakes and biscuits baked by Jim Bob. Great job Jim Bob!

We also shared garden produce – peaches, pears, apples and a range of vegetables. A 35kg pumpkin grown by Barrie’s was distributed and converted into a range of pies and soups by members.

Thanks to an initiative from Gillian members of the MenShed team gathered for a shared “pot luck” dinner this month.

Health & Safety

No accidents to report.

We have decided that as of he middle of April we are bringing in an accreditation system for training on the machinery workshop tools and that a Supervisor will be necessary at all times in the workshop when tools are in use. See the notice on the Health & Safety cupboard for details.

We need to “check and tag” electrical the workshop. This includes donated equipment as well as equipment whose safety tagging has expired or is nearing expiry.

Community Projects

This month the MenShed team completed the following projects:

  • A corn hole game board for Queenstown Lakes District Council.
  • Four corn hole game boards for sale.
  • Seven seats built from pallets for use at the Wheels at Wanaka event.
  • Two Ruru / owl nesting box’s for sale.
  • Fabrication of 6 Vege Box’s for assembly and decoration by MINT during their April program.
  • Cycle Rack for Wanaka Community Garden’s.
  • Education Display Board for Wai Wanaka.

Projects Underway

  • Refurbishing 18 Riddling Racks for Quartz Reef Wines.
  • 3 small workbenches, 2 equipped with a refurbished vice.
  • 2 Lilliput libraries for Friends of Wanaka Library.
  • 4 Petangue scoring boards for the Wanaka Petanque Club.
  • Weta Hotels for Te Kakano Nursery.
  • Refurbished dog kennel and associated run.
  • Range of crates, vege box’s, bird feeders.

Supporting other Groups

This month members supported the Kahu Youth “grounded team” in their project at the Workshop to build two waste recycling systems for the Mount Aspiring College. 

This project will continue in May and June.

Members also fabricated a project for the April MINT workshop.


Wanaka A&P Show – Members of the MenShed supported a range of community and environmental groups with their display at the Wanaka A&P Show. This included preparing and delivering equipment including ites previously made at the Workshop.

Re-fasion – Members of the MenShed supported the Wanaka Wastebusters managed event involving a fashion show held at the Wanaka Community Workshop. This support included erection of walkway, marquee etc.


A big thanks to the Wanaka Lions
This Month the team benefited from a $850 donation from the Wanaka Lions to the Workshop which was used to purchase two battery power drills together with a range of wood clamps and hand tools.

And another to BMC Engineering
BMC, a local civil engineering firm, came through with a donation out of the blue which has been very well received.

The equipment is being used for the repair of Riddling Board’s as well as replace worn out / broken gear.

We also received cash donations for a number of small repairs as well as donation of building materials.  


The team this month undertook a number of initiatives to improve the workshop. These included:

  • Improved layout and tidy of the Project Room.
  • Completed revised layout for the rear wall to provide for the lathe and table saw following the removal of their equipment by the Wanaka Woodworkers Guild.
  • Painted the kitchen and relocated to the kitchen office / administration functions.
  • Painted the first aid / health & safety cabinet.
  • Creation of a lockable cabinet for key MenShed tools.
  • Signage for the defib machine placed on the external walls of the Workshop.
  • Built and erected a “name” board to provide for the name tags of each MenShed Member.

Marketing and Sales

  • Creation of a location within the Wanaka Community Workshop website where items for sale may be placed and sold.
  • A number of DOC 150, DOC 200 and rat traps sold.
  • Purchased new design rat trap mechanisms.
  • Completed discussion with Freshlink Supermarket for the placement of products for sale. It is expected this will take place in April.

Looking ahead

A letter of support was provided to MINT following discussions around the potential to expand our current program should MINT be successful in an application for additional funds.

Team members have meet with the Wanaka Death Cafe and as a result we are planning a joint initiative along the lines of a “night school” class where over a period people will be able to build “flat pack” coffins.It is expected the night school classes will first take place this winter.

Following discussion with Community Link at the Community Hub, a briefing will be provided to the April Wanaka “Inter Agency” meeting of government / community agencies regarding the activities of the Wanaka Community Workshop. 

Issues we’re looking into

  • Safety checking and tagging our electrical equipment.