Trap R & M

Across the Upper Clutha thousands of traps are doing the business – helping to rid our district of pests such as stoats and rats.

Being located in the outdoors the traps endure a tough life.

Temperatures which fluctuate seasonally from 10-12 degrees below zero to 30 degrees above with long dry periods and periodic deluges can cause the best timber to warp.

From time to time the traps get smashed about in the back of utes and receive the odd knock from rocks and tree branches.

Old and new

All this means that if traps are to remain active in our natural environment there is a need for a regular program of repair, maintenance and, where appropriate, upgrades.

The team at the MenShed are working with folk from the Southern Sanctuary and Wanaka Backyard Trapping on how best to tackle this issue.

Given the large number of new traps deployed in recent years this is an issue we need to resolve in a practical and effective way. We have a great team onto it.