Homes for weta

The Upper Clutha is home to an amazing array of insects. Many are unique reflecting our dry and alpine environments.

Iconic among New Zealand insects is the Weta.

Species of Weta are found among our highest alpine peaks down to forests along the shores of our lakes.

Recently the team at the MenShed have been fabricating safe homes or refuges for tree weta from recycled materials – material which would have otherwise been dumped.

Furthermore each is designed to enable kids (and adults) to see and check how the Weta are progressing.

A great initiative to promote awareness and interest in the insect world.

A weta home is assembled

This week our first weta homes were assembled during the monthly visit to the Wanaka Community Workshop by MINT.

MINT is a community agency that supports those in our community, right across the upper Clutha area with intellectual disabilities.

I am sure the weta will appreciate their work