Making a difference with Wai Wanaka

WAI Wānaka is an organisation.

An organisation made up of passionate people working toward empowering communities to understand natural waters such as lakes and streams, their environment, and their impact.

The team from the MenShed regularly work with WAI Wānaka.

This week the team delivered a interactive display board that will be used to help explain to school children the importance of the natural waters that occurs within the environment. The board was designed together and then built by the team from the MenShed.

Lets hope the kids enjoy it – and learn things as well!

Disks to measure water clarity will aid the WAI Wānaka team monitor the health of of our natural waters.

The display board was not the only delivery this week to WAI Wānaka.

Six disks have been created. When painted they will help measure the clarity of waters in our streams, springs, lakes and rivers.

We very much appreciate the opportunity to work with WAI Wānaka. Together community groups can make a real difference for our natural environment and the wellbeing of future generations.