Fish, eels and birds with a message

Steel fish with a message on the way to a stormwater drain near you.

All stormwater that falls upon land across the Upper Clutha eventually drains into our Lakes and Rivers. Stormwater is not pure. It picks up and takes with it materials and chemicals that our natural waters can do without.

Furthermore many of us directly pour liquids we no longer want for ourselves down the stormwater drain – liquids like soaps and petrochemicals.

Wanaka’s Touchstone Project, Friends of Bullock Creek and Fish & Game New Zealand are seeking to ensure each of us do our best to avoid contaminating our fresh lake and river waters.

This week the team at the MenShed collaborated with these community groups and agencies putting the final touches to “steel fish, birds and eels” that will be placed upon stormwater drains.

Each displays the reminder “Only Rain” to encourage each of us not to pour anything else down the drain.

Look for them and abide by their message.