Lilliput Library

Lilliput Library

Cromwell Kidsfirst Kindergaten now has their Lilliput Library up at 25 Gilling Place, Cromwell, New Zealand.

A year ago Nicola came into the WCW and asked about the Lilliput Library she had seen in the media. Cromwell kids could really do with one.

The workshop had only just started and we were trying to work out products we could make and sell to keep our space going. We suggested some financial contribution for the product, but when Nicola heard this her head dropped and informed us that the Kindergaten and the kids it looks after are not in a position to contribute.

So of course we made it anyway and it was one of the first items our MenShed group made and delivered. The team at the workshop could not be more happy to see it bringing books to the community in Cromwell.

The MenShed group can make all sorts of things. We do need money to keep our trust operating, but like the Kidsfirst Kindergarten we do make things under different arrangements. There are also many grants that groups could apply for funding from.

Do you or a group you represent need something made by the MenShed group at the Wanaka Community Workshop? Contact us to find out how. Contact details are on our Facebook site or website.