Lilliput Libraries

Paula from the Wanaka Library with Tom and Stu from the Menshed

Reading is important. Important for society as a whole. Important for us as individuals. Its also fun.

Encouraging reading is a key mission for Wanaka Library. Part of this is making it easy for folk to access books. With a great book collection at the library and on line, our librarians are working to complement this with a network of Lilliput Libraries.

Lilliput Libraries are small Drop Off Pick It Up facilities placed out in neighbourhoods. They operate like a book exchange.

This week the team at the MenShed operating from the Wanaka Community Workshop completed the first of a number of Lilliput Libraries from which the service will operate.

Built from recycled materials a key requirement of the design is to keep the books dry. The library’s will now be fitted out. Look for one near your place.