A great place to get involved

Gillian and her husband moved to Wanaka in July.

Gillian’s family had holidayed here for years. Taking the plunge and relocating south from Auckland meant they needed to engage with the community here in Wanaka.

They joined the MenShed.

“It was great to learn new skills” said Gillian.

But what I love most about the MenShed and the Wanaka Community Workshop is the opportunity to meet others from across the community.

“To feel I am contributing in some small way to the great community we have joined at Wanaka is really satisfying.”

“I knew little or nothing about working with wood when I started, said Gillian. The people at the MenShed have been great. Within a couple of months I was able to use the facilities and equipment at the Wanaka Community Workshop to build a rocking horse for my granddaughter.

Most of the members of the MenShed are blokes. But its not for men, its for any person who want to make a difference. Come on over and see if its for you.

As part of the team at the MenShed, Gillian’s first project was building Kea proof stoat traps which are now deployed by environmental groups across the Upper Clutha