17/12/2021 – Mons Royale Circular Design Challenge

Stoked Bike Stand

Mons Royale founder and CEO Hamish Acland attended a Bike-vember event where participants built their own bike rack from waste materials. He and his son Ted enjoyed it so much they came back with the Mons Royale Wanaka Headquarters team.

The brief was to lead four teams through a circular design process creating bike racks for the Mons Royale office. Time was limited to two hours.

Key to this event was to design using the materials available (all recycled / diverted waste), without creating more waste. Volunteers Angus Rowley, Jules Adams, Thom Dodds and Ben Acland each looked after a group and used the power tools.

End result was one floor single stand, one wall single stand, two under seat multi bike racks. One of the surprise results was the ‘Stoked Bike Stand’, made using plywood offcuts from Stoked Hot Tubs. This design used materials that the Wanaka Community Workshop had not found a use for. Now the MenShed group is finessing this design to create a repeatable product for commercial sale. Taking waste wood, creating value for the Wanaka Community Workshop so the cycle can continue.

Start by viewing some ideas taken from the internet
Find materials
Finishing touches