15/12/2021 – Recycling Former Mitre10 Wood Rack

Angus Rowley inspecting the next stage of the deconstruction.

During the shift from Anderson Road to the new Three Parks location Mitre10 Mega there was a massive clean up, many items nuts, bolts, screws, tools were put aside as they were missing items or in broken packaging. The Wanaka Community Workshop was the lucky recipient of large quantities of this.

During the collection of these items, the question was asked, “what are you doing with that huge wood storage structure?” Four months later the call came, did we want to bring our volunteers in to dismantle it and keep the materials. Gwil and Ben don’t say no (often) and so one week of work turned into two of hard slog.

Jules Adams taking one of thousands of nails another board.

Now we have a massive amount of untreated plywood, Oregon framing timber, and mdf board.

A portion of the timber stacked ready for its next life.

Untreated wood is perfect for making things like Mud Kitchens and other items at Pre-Schools where treated timber is avoided. An example of a busy kid making mud pancakes below will become a product offered for sale to the public soon.